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An Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre
That Feels Like Home

Our professional addiction treatment in Kolhapur, Maharashtra is designed with your needs in mind. In your journey with us, you are destined to get your life back on track. With a serene treatment plan to cleanse your mind, body and soul, you’ll experience the benefits of your stay in every step of your newfound life. The environment you get here ensures you never once feel like you’re under treatment.

How We Do

How Does Kolhapur
Addiction Treatment &
Rehabilitation Centre Helps?

A common misconception is that rehab leaves you when you leave rehab. Just because you lost hold of your life doesn’t mean you’ve lost the right to get it back. The experience and development you get from our treatment will stick with you throughout your life, helping you grow physically, mentally and psychologically.

We don’t always get a chance to redefine your life. But with us, you will have that power.

What We Offer

Services That
Kolhapur Addiction Treatment &
Rehabilitation Centre Offers

No problem is too difficult to treat. It’s always possible to get your life back, better than you can imagine. Our rehab services are created for you to overcome the darkest of battles and to show you that you are not alone in your journey.

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Personalised recovery plam to help you recover from a dangerous alcohol addiction.

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Day Trading Addiction

we'll help you recover from the financially and mentally draining addiction of day trading.

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Drug Addiction Treatment

Professional drug rehab service that gets you out of the dark pit of excessive drug use.

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Gambling Addiction

People lose their family, fiends, money and themselves.we're driven to fix this issue.

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Addiction Treatment Centre

The latest techniques to effectively tackle the worst of addictions, tailored to fit your need.

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Depression Treatment

We know how depression eats you up from the inside. Our approach helps you get out of it.


An All-Inclusive Approach

Our team uses the latest practices and a tried and tested approach focused on your speedy recovery. Coupled with our exceptional hospitality, the rehab center in Kolhapur provides you with an aura that feels like home, with the comfort of a spa retreat. With a supportive community to help you grow, your victory is not very far away. 8% of India’s population reportedly needs a rehab facility. That’s 10 crore stories waiting to be heard. 10 crore lives yearning a change. 10 crore lives to ask for help. 10 crore people that understand and support you. We are on a mission to help you.

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